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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Hello Kitty overwhelmed me when I was seven, but I think some girls are not too old for this white cat Japanese Sanrio. Japanese brides who have the money for the kitsch can disburse $ 4.000 for a ruffly dress, pink wedding adorned with Hello Kitty's face. And if that's not enough for the fan, who apparently can have a Hello Kitty wedding made in the entire chain of hotels in Japan Daiichi Hanyu. Wedding packages cost between $ 8,717 to 22,275 dollars.

Sanrio is not the only company that provides cartoon-themed wedding for the bride child. Last year, Disney launched a line of wedding dresses for women who want to look and feel like your favorite princess fairytale wedding day. The most expensive wedding dress Disney princess is a thousand dollars cheaper than the wedding dress of Hello Kitty, and I guess it's because Disney dresses are much less foam and busy looking.

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