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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Models in bridal veils

Models in bridal veils

What does the veil of the bride?

The veil of the bride seems to come from an ancient tradition where youth threw a cloth over the heads of girls to marry. This custom was maintained for the wedding. Now the veil has become thinner, and in some cases allows a woman to hide her face until the young are actually married.
In arranged marriages, it was also common cover the woman's face for the groom to give his consent regardless of the physical criteria for his future wife.
In some traditions, especially Islam veiled woman is her husband does not see his face and thus demonstrate that the appearance and beauty of the bride does not matter to her future husband.
In the Catholic tradition, the veil is not mandatory, but many brides also wear a veil before their faces, uncovering only the face after the exchange of consent between the spouses.

Today, the veil, usually of white tulle, above all, symbolizes purity and virginity. "

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